The Beaufort Model Flying Club

About the Beaufort Model Flying Club

The Beaufort Model Flying Club was established in 1972. It is one of the largest clubs in the southwest of England. Our membership spans all ages and most interests, although our focus is primarily on RC models.

We have three grass field flying sites to the north/northeast of Bristol. We do not publicise the locations of these sites, but details are available to those interested in joining the club. We have a mixture of IC and electric models, and do operate according to BMFA guidelines with respect to noise limits.

During the winter months we operate a very active and popular indoor flying program in a spacious school sports hall, and also have a program of meetings at a local social club

We are a very beginner-friendly club and we have a number of members who can offer instruction. We encourage pilots to pass their BMFA A-Certificate test before they fly unaccompanied and we have an excellent record of training beginners, young and old, to this standard. As a beginner, you will find no shortage of friendly advice to help you get started.